Used car buying guide cheap fast

Used car buying guide cheap fast

This is an odd time to be a automotive lover or a driving enthusiast. The oral communication throughout the automotive trade is thus dominated by utter self-driving cars and electrical vehicles that it generally feels like our modest very little hobby is under fire.

And nevertheless you may in reality say there has ne’er been a higher time to be a petrolhead. The track day culture within the United Kingdom and across solid ground Europe is a lot of spirited currently than ever before and new track-ready cars appear to arrive each different week. Meanwhile, second-hand track cars may be picked up for buttons. it’s ne’er been easier to induce concerned in grassroots motorsport, and if you’re ready to travel simply a touch, our often covered island is home to a number of the simplest driving roads in Europe.

The automotive landscape is dynamic around U.S.A., however there’s still lots of space to play. this is often your guide to having fun on four wheels while not breaking the bank.

Track day cars:

No traffic jams, no speed bumps, no HGVs, no tractors and no speed limits. Race circuits allow you to extremely wring a automotive out and an acceptable chariot may be yours for £1000


Burning through tyres and constraint will mean the price of track driving will build up. this is often wherever extraordinarily light-weight track cars are available. At no quite 600kg, a Caterham Seven merely doesn’t appear to use its consumables. the opposite advantage of Caterham’s flyweight sports automotive is that it holds its price remarkably well.

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Well, in fact, that £10,000 can solely stretch to a 15- or 20-year-old automotive (although that hardly looks to matter once the fundamental Seven style is quite [*fr1] a century old). These cars square measure sometimes weekend playthings, thus there square measure numerous low-mileage examples available.

RENAULTSPORT Muse 172 £1000:

That Porsche 911 GT3 RS would possibly well come back flying past you each 5 laps, however the satisfaction are all yours. After all, your entire track day automotive value you but the worth of a group of tyres for the GT3 RS. and may you suffer a mechanical failure or err your line into a exigent corner and find yourself gently interfacing with a tyre barrier, you’ll merely laugh it off.

Bargain-basement track day driving would possibly simply be the foremost amusing type. The automotive that lit Renaultsport’s hot hatch form of government within the era has the type of uptight handling balance that’ll keep you smiling all day long.

BMW 330Ci (E46) £4000:

In normal kind, the 330Ci isn’t extremely cut out for track work. It’s a touch significant and rolls a small amount. however with a zingy straight six up front, good weight distribution and rear-wheel drive, it will build a superb place to begin. standard upgrades embrace coil-over suspension (at but £700, the Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit may be a excellent option), sticky tyres, bucket seats and harnesses and a protection differential.

There square measure serviceable cars out there for as very little at £2000 if you prefer the concept of ranging from scratch, except for £4000 you must be able to realize a automotive that has already been track ready.

TOYOTA MR2 £2000:

A very specific set of attributes that creates a automotive appropriate for track driving. Sharp and responsive handling, an honest chassis balance, sturdy brakes and every one the remainder of it. the purpose is, it merely doesn’t matter that the third-generation Toyota MR2 appearance quite an heap sort of a frog sitting on a pad.

At but 1000kg, the dinky roadster is unco light-weight, and also the mid-engined, rear-wheel- drive layout is absolutely suited to the race track. What’s a lot of, £2000 extremely is nothing in the slightest degree for a purpose-made sports automotive and you’ll realize several examples in good condition.


Before you begin worrying regarding upgrades, and definitely before you ever venture out on a circuit, you must check that your automotive is in an exceedingly healthy state. meaning making certain all its fluids square measure at the suitable levels, checking that the suspension isn’t on the brink of collapsing, the brake discs and pads aren’t dispiritedly wiped out, the exhaust is firmly hooked up and also the tyres have a minimum of some life in them. All of that’s very true if you’ve bought yourself an inexpensive track day snotter.

Soon enough, you’ll wish to form some upgrades. the primary factor you may notice is that the car’s normal brakes merely aren’t up to the task. higher pads and fluid can improve their sturdiness and scale back your frustration. decorated hoses can improve your stoppers even more. EBC offers a full brake upgrade kit with grooved discs, pads, fluid and hoses for the Mazda MX-5 for £252.

You’ll be staring at tyres next — maybe a group of Avon ZZRs — and coil-over suspension, too. Bilstein offers uprated springs and dampers for a good vary of cars at around £600 a group. Long before you start worrying regarding engine power, verify a combine of bucket seats and harnesses. Being properly clamped into the automotive can build an even bigger distinction than any power upgrade.


Green-laning is like driving o-piste. you’re technically on the general public main road, however those highways may be thus slick that solely a 4×4 can do


The Land Rover Defender is one in all solely a few of cars that may genuinely be represented as picture. With production of them having finally all over a handful of years agone, they’re in ever-increasing demand, which implies that you simply might purchase one these days, pay a year or 2 exploring the country around you then sell it for what you paid, if less.

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With a budget of £7000, you may be staring at a automotive that’s fifteen or maybe twenty five years recent, however if it’s been taken care of fastidiously and serviceable often, it ought to carry on truckage. Rust may be a retardant, though, all the means through to the ladder frame.


Discoverys became standard among the green-laning fraternity as a result of they’re supremely capable aloof from a made-up road in normal kind, moreover as being low cost to shop for. There square measure lots of cars at this type of cash, each Series one and a couple of models, with the terribly leggiest Series 3s beginning to drop close.

A set of all-terrain tyres can get you to the top of most inexperienced lanes, however numerous house owners realize themselves upgrading over time. low cost differential guards and recovery points (think heavy towing eyes) square measure standard modifications, however something a lot of is perhaps overkill.


Originally launched means back in 1997, the third-generation Suzuki Jimny {is only|is merely|is simply|is simply|is barely} just being replaced this year. It’s sort of a Rocky Mountain goat – not a full heap larger, however equally as capable on rough and muddy parcel. once we tested one aboard a variety Rover that value ten times the worth, there have been places the small Jimny might go that the massive Rangie couldn’t reach.

All the Jimny extremely must flip it into the proper green-laning machine may be a set of all-terrain tyres. And £2000 may be a healthy take into account a 15-year-old one.


Land Rovers and Suzuki Jimnys square measure the darlings of the green-laning crowd, thus you’ll stand out once you present itself in an exceedingly landrover Wrangler. Our friends across the Atlantic swear by them, and even while not the large cross-country tyres and massively uprated suspension that square measure thus standard Stateside, the Wrangler is capable within the rough stuff (although a two- in. lifting kit at around £600 can do wonders).

There square measure way fewer Jeeps of any type here within the United Kingdom than Land Rovers, however at £6000, you won’t be wanting choices. The six-cylinder four.0-litre gasoline is that the engine to own.

Competition cars:

Once you’ve had your fill of track day driving, you’ll wish to accomplish actual competition. athletics cars needn’t be dear, however entry fees and running prices will add up

CITROEN C1 £3500:

The C1 athletics Club was fashioned as a religious successor to the Citroën 2CV series, wherever running prices had begun to intensify. The club says a C1 may be bought and race-prepared for fewer than £3500. Once built, the small C1 car is a lot of fun to drive than you’d ever believe.

The race calendar is formed of nineteen rounds, largely within the United Kingdom, with a few of journeys to the Continent. It options 24-hour races, too, together with one at Spa-Francorchamps in Kingdom of Belgium. very little surprise the series is proving thus standard.

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