corona virus

Be strong and fight against corona covid 19

Hi everybody
The corona virus or covid-19 sprayed all over the world as a Nobel virus. According to the number of health organizations and specialist are explaining about covid-19 or Nobel corona virus. as a summary this virus reduce our white blood sell and also reduce immunity power to our body. Corona virus is no more strong and very harmful to us but our body is too sensitive as compare to other viruses.
Prevention is better than care.
1. Wash your hand with Sanitize or soap carefully.
2. Go vegetarian or properly cook eggs and meat item.
3. Avoid close contact to pets or animal.
4. Avoid contact to influenza or cold person.
5. Avoid hand shake
6. Clean your home and surround
7. Avoid group and mass to close.
8. Take warm water frequently
9. Don’t forget to regular exercise
10. Be strong and believe yourself.