Scott Morrison has become Australia’s new prime minister once Malcolm Turnbull was forced out by party rivals during a bruising leadership contest.

Mr Turnbull had been fraught from poor polling Associate in Nursingd what he delineate as an “insurgency” by conservative MPs.

Mr Morrison, the money handler, won an enclosed ballot 45-40 over former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton – United Nations agency had been mister Turnbull’s most vocal threat.

Mr Turnbull is that the fourth Australian PM during a decade to be ousted by colleagues.

“It has been such a privilege to be the leader of this nice nation. i really like Australia. i really like Australians,” he same on Friday.

A PM cut down by revolts and revenge
“Who wants Game of Thrones?” – Australians react to political chaos
Why was Turnbull forced out?
With Associate in Nursing election looming, MPs were nervous regarding the government’s poor opinion polling and up to date by-election defeats.

Last week, a row over energy policy lighted long-existing tensions between mister Turnbull, a moderate, and his party’s conservative wing.

Mr Dutton, a conservative, then unsuccessfully challenged mister Turnbull on weekday, however his slender defeat solely stoked more discord.
Mr Morrison entered the race once mister Turnbull lost key backers. once a majority of MPs necessitated a leadership “spill”, mister Turnbull united to step down.

To more complicate matters, mister Turnbull has signalled he would resign from parliament, which might force a by-election and doubtless place the government’s one-seat majority in danger and force the new premier to decision early elections.

However, mister Morrison, United Nations agency was sworn in on Friday, told reporters there have been no plans to try and do this any time presently.

His government, he said, would be in situ by next week.

Who is Morrison?
Mr Morrison, a former commercial enterprise Australia official, entered parliament in 2007 and has since control 3 key ministerial portfolios.

A social conservative United Nations agency appeals to the moderate components of the party
Rose to national prominence as immigration minister in Tony Abbott’s government
Built a name as a tricky operator in imposing Australia’s inflexible “stop the boats” policy
Drew criticism over the contentious asylum seeker policies and offshore detention centres
Seen as a practical, formidable politician United Nations agency has long eyelike the highest job
The 50-year previous father-of-two may be a leading spiritual conservative and opposed last year’s duo bill.
Speaking to reporters once the vote on Friday, mister Morrison same he would be operating to “bring our party back along that has been contusioned and battered this week” and convey the country along.
He conjointly same managing a severe drought, that has hit components of jap Australia, would be “our most pressing and pressing want right now”.

The rise of Scott Morrison, Australia’s new PM
How has everybody reacted?
With a combination of disarray, anger and sheer frustration: several have delineate on mutually of the foremost chaotic in Australian political history.

In his final press making known, mister Turnbull known as the week “madness” and thanked his colleagues for selecting mister Morrison over mister Dutton.

“We have such a lot going for U.S. during this country. we’ve to be pleased with it and hold dear it,” he said.

Six moments that outlined Turnbull as PM
Coup capital of the democratic world
The ex-cop United Nations agency tried to oust Australia’s PM
Mr Dutton said: “My course from here is to produce absolute loyalty to Scott Morrison, and ensure we tend to win the election.”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was conjointly within the running for the leadership, however didn’t build it to the ultimate spherical.

Now the battle for forgiveness
Hywel Griffith, BBC News in capital of Australia

So Australia has its thirtieth prime minister, however however long before the 31st?

Scott Morrison faces a colossal task not simply in healing the injuries at intervals his party, however in winning the forgiveness of the general public.

Many Australians have watched on displeased, as traditional government business was suspended to settle a political feud.

Given that Associate in Nursing election should be known as by could, mister Morrison’s biggest challenge are convincing the citizens that he ought to keep in power.

If he does not succeed, expect yet one more PM by Gregorian calendar month.

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