Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani aforesaid Sunday that if the President sits down for questioning by special counsel parliamentarian Mueller, Trump can say he ne’er mentioned easing au fait an exploration of former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn with former law enforcement agency Director James Comey.

“There was no speech regarding Michael Flynn. The President did not determine that Comey believed there was till regarding, I think, it absolutely was February once it purportedly happened. memoranda came get in might. And in between, Comey testified beneath oath, in no approach had he been stalemated at any time,” Giuliani told CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper. “Then all of the abrupt in might he says he felt stalemated. He felt pressured by that comment, ‘you ought to go straightforward on Flynn.’ thus we have a tendency to maintain the President did not say that.”
Comey saw senators in June of last year that Trump told him throughout associate degree government office meeting the previous February that he wanted Comey would drop an exploration into Flynn, oral communication he hoped Comey would “see your approach clear to rental this go, to rental Flynn go. he’s a decent guy. I hope you’ll let this go.”
Comey additionally wrote in his book, “A Higher Loyalty,” that he mentioned the speech regarding Flynn with senior law enforcement agency leadership and, whereas within the automobile once the government office discussion, emailed his employees to mention that the strategy meeting went well, “but ‘now I even have to jot down another memoranda.'”
“What I meant was that I had another speech with the president that I required to document,” he wrote. “I ready associate degree unclassified memoranda of the speech regarding Flynn and mentioned the matter with law enforcement agency senior leadership, together with Deputy Director (Andrew) McCabe; my chief of employees Jim Rybicki; and also the FBI’s general counsel Jim Baker.”
Giuliani aforesaid on Sunday that a flat denial of the “let this go” comment is “what (Trump) can testify to if he is asked that question.”
“They already understand that,” he added. “Why area unit they asking US to repeat what they already understand beneath oath?”
In July, Giuliani perceived to counsel on basic principle “This Week” that Trump did raise Comey to let the probe go. once host martyr Stephanopoulos aforesaid to Giuliani that Comey says he took Trump’s remark as direction, Giuliani responded that he was additionally told, “Can you provide the person a break?” persistently as a prosecuting attorney.
“He did not direct him to try and do that,” Giuliani aforesaid. “What he aforesaid was, can you, are you able to provide him an opportunity.”
“Comey says he took it as direction,” Stephanopoulos interjected.
“Well, that is okay. He might have taken it that approach, however by that point he had been unemployed,” Giuliani responded. “He aforesaid a great deal of different things, a number of that has clad to be untrue. the truth is, as a prosecuting attorney, i used to be told that a lot of times, ‘can you provide the person an opportunity,’ either by his lawyers, by his relatives, by his friends. you are taking that into thought. however you recognize, that does not confirm not going forward with it.”
On Sunday’s “State of the Union,” however, Giuliani aforesaid he “never told basics that.”
“That’s crazy. I even have ne’er aforesaid that,” he added. “What I aforesaid was, that’s what Comey is oral communication Trump aforesaid. I even have invariably aforesaid the President denies it. ”
The former the big apple town city manager additionally aforesaid he thinks the explanation why Mueller desires to raise the question is to entrap the President in a very misdemeanor charge.
“They will say it’s misdemeanor if they elect to believe Comey rather than Trump,” Giuliani aforesaid.
Negotiations between Trump’s legal team and Mueller’s team a couple of potential interview with the President area unit in progress. Giuliani aforesaid weekday that his team has had the special counsel a couple of proposal for the interview.

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