How to Decorate Limousine

How to Decorate your Limousine for a Wedding

Best Ways to Decorate a Limousine for a Wedding
Many people love the tradition of decorating the bride and groom’s vehicle throughout the reception in order that they need a festive-looking machine or automotive to depart in. If you’re aiming to surprise the married persons with fun decorations on their machineusine–or if you’re a newlywed World Health Organization desires to embellish your own vehicle for the wedding–check out these fun concepts for limo decorations!

First, before you begin doing any decorations on a rented limo, ensure you speak to the machine service in Dunwoody, GA, that the bride and groom ar victimisation. make sure that they’re okay with you swing decorations on their vehicles, as they’re seemingly those World Health Organization can ought to clean it up.

If you get the go-ahead to embellish, think about employing some temporary window paints to spruce up the machine. you’ll write fun messages on all of the windows, and scrawl “Just Married” across the rear thus everybody is aware of the explanation for the celebration. It’s conjointly a fun thanks to categorical your love for the couple within the messages that you simply write.

You can surprise the bride and groom by tape recording Polaroid footage from the marriage to the insides of all the windows. after they climb in to depart the reception, they’ll be encircled by the faces of everybody World Health Organization was there to celebrate. Not solely can it’s a fun surprise, however it’ll conjointly build a good souvenir for the new couple to recollect their day.

This is less of a decoration and a lot of of a nice surprise for the new couple. Place a basket of tiny gifts for his or her honeymoon on the seat of the machine for the newlyweds to find as they leave the reception. you’ll embody things sort of a bottle of champagne, wine glasses, a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, and alternative things to feature a bit additional romance to their honeymoon.

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