Audi vs BMW Which Is Best?

Audi vs BMW Which Is Best?

Competition between the German automakers is nice for customers. contention fuels the search for perfection, that BMW and Audi attempt for in every luxury category.

For instance, the pair has seven automotives between them within the competitive luxury tiny car category, together with 2 of the highest spots. Neither encompasses a 2017 contestant within the luxury massive SUV weight category. However, each brands discovered massive SUV ideas for 2018: the BMW X7 and Audi Q8. Let’s head to the ring for a nine-round battle of the brands.

Luxury tiny automotive
Winner: 2017 Audi A4 (Details Below)

Audi and BMW is also best within the luxury tiny automotive category. BMW has four cars during this category, and Audi has 3. The ranking Audi A4 and BMW four Series area unit the nearest rivals in 2017. The BMW four Series boasts stronger athletic engine artistry, however the redesigned A4 delivers solid performance, and a nicer interior that edges out BMW. The A4 encompasses a spacious backseat for adults, that is tough to search out during this category. each cars have robust foreseen dependability ratings. The A4 has solid safety scores, however the BMW isn’t nevertheless rated. The Audi A4 wass named the 2017 Best Luxury tiny automotive for the cash.

Luxury Midsize automotive
Winner: Tie (Details Below)

The BMW five Series and Audi A6 area unit equally stratified at school overall. this is often a small amount of apples and oranges. whereas each cars have potent engine lineups, the A6 pulls ahead for its lightness and powerful athletic performance. The A6 additionally scores an ideal ten for safety. The BMW five Series is meant with comfort in mind. Long-distance drives aren’t any downside with ex gratia 20-way multi-contour and massaging front seats. every automotive has concerning equal strengths, that add up to a draw.

Luxury massive automotive
Winner: 2017 Audi A7 (Details Below)

The Audi A7 could be a top-ranked luxury massive automotive, and a rival for the 2017 Best Luxury massive automotive for Families. The A7, beginning at $68,800, has one amongst the best interiors within the luxury category. The A7 has an excellent array of ordinary options. Its spectacular, performance-driven engines won’t zap fuel potency. The BMW half-dozen Series has several high points, however additionally one amongst the very best beginning value tags at school at $77,600. Its high value could contribute to its place within the middle of the posh massive automotive rankings.

Super Luxury automotive
Winner: Tie (Details Below)

BMW and Audi each build the grade for super luxury cars. attractive on the skin and within, each performance-oriented sedans have many engine choices, and deliver sensible fuel economy. The BMW seven Series and Audi A8 seat 5, with uncountable traveller house within the front seat and back seats. The seven Series offers a plug-in hybrid this year. It additionally has one amongst the most important trunks within the category, whereas the A8 has one amongst the littlest. All-wheel drive is customary within the A8, and ex gratia within the seven Series. the 2 cars even out with associate degree equal overall score.


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