An airline worker scarf Associate in Nursing empty plane from the Seattle-Tacoma International flying field Associate in Nursingd flew it for an hour with military jets chasing him before bloody in an exceedingly tree-plant forty miles away.

The 76-seater craft took off while not authorization weekday around eight p.m. civil time with Associate in Nursing unauthorized Horizon Air worker at the controls, flying field officers tweeted.
After flying Associate in Nursingd doing air stunts for concerning an hour, the plane crashed at Ketron Island, the Pierce County peace officer ‘s Department aforementioned. It aforementioned the unidentified 29-year-old ground service agent died.
The man “was doing stunts in air or lack of flying skills caused crash into Island,” sheriff’s representative ED Troyer tweeted. The incident wasn’t thought of coercion, the FBI’s Seattle workplace aforementioned.

Authorities ab initio known the person as a mechanic, however later aforementioned he was a ground service agent, employment that features directional craft for takeoff gate approach, and de-icing planes.
“Our hearts square measure with the families of the individual aboard in addition as all of our Last Frontier Air and Horizon Air workers,” aforementioned Constance von Muehlen, the airline’s chief operational officer.
The regional airline, that relies within the Seattle-Tacoma flying field, is closely-held by the Last Frontier air unit.
In audio recordings of the incident denote on Broadcastify, traffic controllers is detected making an attempt to guide the person to land the plane.
“Congratulations, you probably did that, currently let’s try and land that heavier-than-air craft safely and not hurt anybody on the bottom,” Associate in Nursing traffic controller aforementioned.
The man responded: “Awwww-right … dammit.. i do not recognize man! i do not know! i do not wish to. i used to be rather hoping that was gonna be it. Ya know?”
The exchange happened throughout the flight however the temporal arrangement of the speech is unclear. The Pierce County peace officer ‘s Department represented the person as unsafe, however it failed to offer any proof to support that assessment.

Reference : CNN

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